3 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

FMX Camp Ramps Up

Freestyle motocross a sport of extremes, and more than just in the nineties sense of the word. You may have experienced some of these extremes when you first saw the sport, starting out with a mix of horror and awe that led on to a strong desire to be one of these heroes, before the reality set in and you decided it was just too dangerous.
However, if you meet up with the majority of these riders who go so crazy with a helmet on you might be surprised at how normal they really are- take Nick Franklin for example. As far from rock star as you can get, in reality he is quite careful in his calculated risk taking and as sane as any man.

Next Generation

While I may not have convinced you to take up FMX just yet, there is a strong undertow of people open to the idea and this is where Nick and I have teamed together to create the kind of camps that can both give these riders a taste of freestyle and help them progress their current skills, in the safest manner possible. 
Not one to stick to the status quo, we upped our annual fmx camps to twice a year- introducing a second camp for April. We saw the return of riders we had seen before who were wanting to up their game, improve their tricks, or aim for that backflip.
A couple of newbies also arrived who turned out to not be so new to the sport, Callum Shaw and Lawrence Muldoon. All the way up from Cromwell and Christchurch they were there to try their hand at improving their repotoire, including the epic 75 foot backflip to dirt! Planning a week of road trip fun and flips, Callum achieved his goal on just his second day, stomping five massive flips to dirt then calling it a success after coming up a bit short on the sixth attempt.

Autograph Anyone?

There recording the big moment was the film crew from Red Bull, a special treat for our riders that Nick had jacked up which may see them on the web at www.redbull.co.nz and TV with Red Bull Chronicles. Of course having the cameras trained on them upped the ante a bit where we saw riders like Jacob on his KLX110 hit the pit many times, and Thomas on his 125 dial in the cancan. With a less than full camp, I was also able to join in the fun, getting some quality time learning the grabs and cliff hangers that have laid dormant for many years, after choosing the path of mx over fmx.
But back to reality now of training hard and hanging up the fmx boots until next time. Thank you again to Redbull for their sponsorship and coming out to the event. Also to Backflips for their continued support for our fmx camps and Broxy Coaching.
Photos courtesy of Stan Olliff Photography. To view more click here

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