27 July 2010 / Broxy Camps

Foam Pit Fun and Camps Galore!

Who would want to go to a camp in the middle of winter, in a chilly place like Tokoroa? When you have a mega MX track, warm club rooms and 20 other kids to run around with what could be better – especially if it means mum and dad can choose to have a break from the kids or re live their own childhood and join in themselves!

The riding for both days of both camps was very good with a well groomed track thanks to Keith Paterson and great weather. The only exception was a couple hours of rain on camp number one and a chilly beginning to the second day of camp number two, which didn’t deter many riders at all.



There were too many stand out personalities to mention but you know who you are, treating their fellow riders by their helpfulness and looking out for each other, their great riding and entertaining shenanigans. There is always a clown for every camp, aye “Jumps!”

Bummer for the week was Tom’s misfortune just before he could really get into the weekend or any of the Broxy coaching that he had booked in for, we wish him a speedy recovery and looking forward to having him back.

One, two, three

The highlight was definitely the riding but other activities like spotlight on the supercross track was a popular choice, even the adults getting involved in the fun. Nick Franklins huge foam pit would definitely take second place to the riding though. How often do you get to watch crazy antics like an aborted 360 attempt by Broxy aboard his CRF250R or get hurled into a soft landing from five metres up. With two adults swinging you from hands and feet you must be getting nervous when the count gets to three!


While the kids went home tired from all their activity there was no doubt as to how much they enjoyed their time when you see the emails from parents or catch up with the kids even weeks later. We have no idea how we can hope to keep up with demand with it like this but we will continue to do our best to give these boys and girls their chance to go nuts!

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