30 June 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Formula for Success – Bisset Honda Day

IMG_3516Sometimes a session comes together so well that I wish I could bottle it. Thanks to Bisset Honda we had both a morning and an afternoon session worth of keen kids to up skill, and while we weren’t expected to shake the earth with incredible coaching, it did go rather well.

There was no holding back these groms so I joined them in some warm up laps. Thanks to Bevan Bisset’s foresight and contacts we were blessed with what may have been the best track in this district and the next so far as conditions go at this time of year.

IMG_3510Trophy Hunter

The kids were loving the track, yet I was wasting them. You might call that an unfair race except to say that I could see some big areas for improvement so our first session involved getting their turning done quicker so that they could power and brake harder.

Leading them around like a mother duck I forced them to stay straight while braking for longer than they wanted to which meant they were braking on the outside edge of the track before leaning harder than usual and cutting back up towards the inside. Not only did it give them fresh traction but they could power hard instead of drifting wide, and be more able to do the same thing into the next corner. It was sweet to watch.

IMG_3526After the first break we got stuck in with the kind of standing that would send them a long way, literally. Unfortunately one rider in the second group took this too far. On his first attempt after I had asked him to stand with his knees gripping the seat, instead he went for glory and went full throttle off the upramp, landing his little 110cc bike on the flat ground after the jump. It was impressive, but hurt enough to make him sit the rest of our session out. Until we worked on starts, that is.

IMG_3488Getting a Grip

The local lads are fortunate to have a keen a talented rider named Gordy Brooker in their corner, who helps them with their riding in many ways. In his words “They just do the exact opposite of what I tell them”. Whatever the case he has them going pretty good. He had even shown them how to slip the clutch for their starts like I did, except there was a major flaw.

It was obvious that they were not holding the sweet spot for any length of time at all. That could have been a combination of youthful exuberance and a lack of traction which enabled them to get away with it. Regardless, their primary problem was simply using all four fingers on the clutch lever. Without anything left to grip the handlebars with, there was never going to be any prolonged use of a clutch. Hopefully this little tip helps their local coach keep his hair a little longer.

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