2 March 2013 / Broxy Camps

French Vanilla- New Caledonian Boot Campers!

Up and Down

Up and Down

We are increasingly becoming more International here at Broxy Rider Coaching- now we know how to say Ice Cream in French. And it tastes “Fantastique” after a solid walk up the Mount. Well, it would have if we had actually taken our New Caledonian visitors up our regional icon but the weather was hot enough to warrant a visit to Copenhagen Cones anyway, especially with the big weeks riding they were to do!

Tough Welcome

It actually began on the corrugated concrete-like ground of the Waikaia Honda Kids Campout which we were to get to know more intimately than we would have liked. Without much in the way of mattresses that night the ground felt very hard indeed.

Unfortunately the youngest of the three had already discovered what the ground felt like, and was nursing a very sore shoulder to prove it. Whether he was going to be able to ride at all this week was to be seen. He was going to have to prove that he was up to the task first.

Hugo Max

Hugo Max

Background Music

Alexander Schmidt has his origins in Germany with a good grasp on English, Dutch and French to add to his native tongue, but it was his New Caledonian wife that saw him settle on the mid-sized Pacific Island where they raised their two sons.

On to the action

A wet morning in Tauranga meant a re-shuffle in plans. By the look of the weather you would have thought the whole world was under water. However just a few phone calls later and we discovered that our planned venue for the after schools coaching had hardly been touched by the rain, in fact they were going to get out the watering truck!

Dad can Scrub too

Dad can Scrub too

So we hot tailed it over the hill and spent the afternoon hammering out skills before working with the school kids. Good to know we made the right call.

Pleased With Pirinis!

Freshly watered and ready for action, we absolutely had to hit Pirinis. Fast and flowing, even Karl with his hurt wing was able to get involved now that he passed his push up test without showing weakness. Or perhaps it was just putting up with the pain?

Getting Alex to lean with the bike and the boys to lean back or forward for their turns was the main mission of the day, but it was not over there. A storm was brewing for our Tauranga After Schools training.

Real Proof

The Crowd Goes Wild

The Crowd Goes Wild

Surviving that, the final day of Boot Camp saw us descend on the Broxy track to learn something pretty big- the Scrub.

Alex figured that if we could teach them how to whip, their friends back home would really have to stand up and notice. And as you may be able to see, we got them on their way.

Give It heaps!

Dad also learned how to get his elder son motivated, a style of cheering that uses a full throttle bend of the wrist you really have to see. Well it worked, and aside from playing in the Haines Contracting digger, Hugo Max did clear the step up.

It just so happened that Nitro Circus was doing their Hamilton stop on our last day with them so tickets were purchased, meeting places with mum was arranged and to the Waikato Stadium we went for a night of high value entertainment.

It was an awesome way to finish our time with these great people, and while we can’t guarantee something like Nitro Circus will be in town, make sure you look up our Boot Camps if you want the riding experience that will just keep on giving.

Way to go!

Way to go!


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