2 September 2016 / Broxy Camps

From Standing To Whips

It seems that private two day camps at Pirinis are a very hot product at the moment. For basically the price of two one on one sessions each, Peter booked himself and his two sons in for two days late last month, very similar to how Joshua and Ian came down from Auckland for exactly the same thing earlier in the month.

We get to give around five hours of focused riding and coaching time each day, with food and over night accommodation in the cabins, and the results speak for themselves. Take Ian and Joshua’s rocketship improvement for example.

IMG_4107Secrets to Success

Having hardly hit motocross tracks before, they were used to the trails but definitely needed some guidance on how to stand properly. We started off on the easier sections until they were ready to start jumping, but the real fun had only just begun.

At the start of the camp their ears had perked up when I mentioned that I could easily show them how to whip before the camp was over. Well, we had not been long into jumping before I decided to get started.

Being able to turn with the track while the wheels leave the ground is more of a safety thing than some crazy skill. As I say, if it does kick sideways then at least you know which way it will go.

IMG_4114Thrills and Spills

Everyone has a different ease of picking this up, and Ian was especially fast. Because of the standing position we had practiced, his arms were staying bent with his body staying forward. In no time at all he was working with the bike as it would lean into the upramp then float nicely sideways before settling and starting to come back straight. When we got back to the cabin his excitement was palpable.

It was a good thing he learned this early as he missed his rear brake once while doing wheelie practice, braking his bike and hurting his leg. It was unfortunate but he did the right thing by soaking it in the icy stream for twenty minutes and I actually headed home that night so that I could pick up parts we ordered overnight from Tauranga. They were adults who could look after themselves and were asleep very early as it was.

The next morning we were back in action and this time Joshua was on fire, especially in the bermed corners. There is honestly nothing quite like consecutive days of coaching to really boost your levels. Enquire about one today.

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  1. Nicolette Epps,

    Hey, what would the cost be roughly for a 2 day camp ?

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