9 December 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Getting Good Help- Whangarei

Here’s a tip for those clubs out there who struggle to get enough man power at their next working bee- tie it in with a training session. That is what the Whangarei MCC did for my latest club coaching day and it worked a treat.


While I was showing the mini riders how to carve a rut, the ditch digger was hard at work making lines for the watering system they are installing. When I was building a good standing style for the Junior riders, dads were hard at work constructing flag marshal huts. It really was quite the productive day.

This club has a strong base of talented young riders coming through. Whether that has anything to do with our regular coaching visits, I don’t know, but one thing is for sure; these kids are looking good. Seeing little 50cc machines at this kind of speed makes a coach proud, and seeing the 65’s and 85’s jumping like they are is a real joy. They are tough too, as Robbie was to prove after a big crash that didn’t hold him back.

Assistant Extraordinaire

Jordan Milsom joined me for the trip, a young guy that has proved himself numerous times as probably the best helper I have ever had. I often consult him for thoughts on where to go next with the training and usually stick to his suggestions as he proves to have a good handle on how to give our students the best value.

This last week I entrusted him with my after schools training group where eight riders turned up. He handled everything from the coaching to the admin all by himself, and I look forward to a big summer with Jordan helping at all my camps and larger coaching days. Now I just need to get him on the right bike…

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