5 March 2016 / Broxy Camps

Getting Towed at Rotoiti

It may be a slice of paradise, but I do like to get home as well. Fortunately there was a Big Red to the rescue and we made the most of the conditions with coaching to suit.

IMG_6057 (1)My trip down to the pits was great fun, recent rains transforming what should have been a leisurely drive along a dirt trail into something of a rally drive. Fortunately the Broxy van makes for a great tent, and though we went through a short stage of panic as the rain continued until right up to the start of my first session, I started them in faith and was quickly rewarded with dry weather from then on.




IMG_6068Hanging Out

Young Jayden was one of first students aboard his two stroke 125. He was incredibly tail-happy but did it with style. As much as I didn’t want to spoil his party, carrying momentum is faster and more consistent – and uses less energy, so I showed him the better way.

After plenty of burning around the little track I had made, it was obvious that they weren’t anywhere near the edge of traction until half way through each turn. I showed them how to stay wide for longer before getting off the brakes and committing to more lean through the first half of the turn, which also happened to be where the best traction was.

When they did get to halfway they already had most of the turn complete and could get an early start, powering hard in the direction they wanted to go across the slippery stuff where they had been sliding around just minutes before.


IMG_1051New Ground

There were many more adventures coaching riders that got progressively younger, but as you would imagine it was the drive out that really got fun.

The Broxy “Tent” was so good that I decided to stay another night and give the ground a little more time to dry before attempting the grand exit. Fortunately I had a Honda Pioneer following close by, piloted by the boys of Lake Honda, because I didn’t even make it through the second set of gates through the flat paddocks.

Long story short, they pulled us all the way up and out of the valley with ease, and with a wave I was off for the next destination.

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