30 July 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Getting Whipped

In Hobbiton

Our mission; conquer ruts and learn how to whip. Three days on three tracks with two riders- and a half. Richard had been booked but was only able to join his two step brothers Nathan and Danyon for the first and last days coaching, leaving them to fend for themselves for the two nights at the Broxy residence.

Picking on weak spots is what we do, so ruts was up first of course. This was at the primo Matamata track of Dylan Ryan, who had organized a big group of eight riders to arrive after I had spent some time with the Boot Camp boys.

Letting the bike move

So while they practiced ruts I spent the next hour or two working Dylan’s group out on their jumping skills before more one on three action with the Nathan, Danyon and Richard during the lunch break. It was here that we made a real break through, getting them to not power at all until halfway through the rut. Surprisingly this was all it took to transform their confidence on what had been a real nemesis, turning it into something much more enjoyable.

By the time I had swapped back to Dylan’s group and worked them through their jumping and berms, the three ‘brothers’ were tuckered out but stoked with their progress. The bigger group also had plenty of reason to be pleased with themselves and it was not going to be long before we saw some of them back for more coaching at my track.

Learning to tweak it

Day two of the boot camp saw us heading to a favourite- the tokoroa MX track. Nathan and Danyon had spent many a day getting used to this track during the two day camps they have done with me so they were able to really enjoy themselves.

This days focus ended up being almost entirely on whips, starting with hardly getting their wheels off the ground but doing the right movements. Fortunately it was easy to make new lines on the upramps thanks to semi damp conditions so it was easier to get them consistently cutting the wheels outwards as they left the ground to get the rear wheel out while they leaned into the small whip. There are just so many safe table tops for them to practice on at Tokoroa so we were made some real inroads.

We had Richard meet us at my track in Tauranga for the final day where he arrived early and keen. Whips were transferred to these new jumps and combined with some ruts to practice on it turned out to be another great day.

Hill climbing- time to rest

All of this was after a classic morning walk up the Mount, so by home time there were two very tuckered out lads and a third that was just stoked with his progress along with a new challenge for next time, to make it up big the hill climb.

Check out the pics- these are of people who had no previous whip experience and while I did not get any photos of their rut skills you can be sure they improved a lot. If this kind of thing sounds like a bit of you then email us any time, there is a very good chance that we can help greatly with your biggest riding issues as well, after all, we have three days to do it!

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