1 July 2016 / Featured Events

Good Vibes at Fieldays

Rather than writing a lecture about our stand at the Fieldays this year, lets just look at a few of the key questions you might like to know. Forgive us if the answers seem to be a little biased. At least they will be honest!

FieldaysHow good was the Honda stand?

Everything was the same from last year, from the brilliant chef and the lovely barista to the panoramic picture of an MX track on some epic hills that formed the backdrop to our area. Proving the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, the Honda site once again won the prize for best Agribusiness outdoor site.

Was it busy?

A comment that I must have heard half a dozen times was how much more alive with people our tent was than the other bike tents. Having bikes set up to hop aboard may have helped, as did the corner where national MX champs Cody Cooper and Trent Collins shared the poster signing table with me. Easy to find and interesting enough to stick around and visit again multiple times, there was always something going on.

What was the general mood?

There was no sign of doom and gloom. In fact I didn’t hear a single negative comment the whole event. Farmers and riders alike were positive and upbeat, knowing that things were tough but giving off the vibe that they were happy with where it was all heading. The dealers were not expecting big sales and neither was I expecting a heap of bookings, so we were all pleasantly surprised with the amount that we did get.

IMG_3417 (1)Was there lots of free stuff?

Stickers and posters were the biggest items, unless you were lucky enough to have a VIP pass to the courtesy area like many of the farmers did. Slow roasted pork, eggs benedict on smoked salmon… I could go on but it is too close to dinner time and thinking about those delights is making my tummy rumble.

A new venture for us was the lucky dip that we opened up for the last two days. Anything from a $20 coaching voucher to a random prize from the $2 shop was up for grabs after paying your $2 and randomly choosing a number. We think that will have to return again for next year.

What would you change for next year?

New posters and stickers of course, but keen to hear any feedback that readers might have. Hopefully we also have some flash new 2017 CRF450R’s to show off, which I can’t wait to see. Otherwise I am already looking forward to catching up with everybody again. It really is one of my favourite events of the year.

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