4 December 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Grand National Cross Country

The Acerbis 4 hour was followed by the GNCC at Maddix Park. Less than 20 minutes from our house, it was also round four of the NZ XC Championships, a series that I do want to support. Topping that off was the fact my bike still had its softer suspension from the 4 hour in it, and I had zero pressure. It was going to be good training if nothing else.


Unfortunately a riders complaint meant I had to start from the second row and while I holeshot my grid, it took me a lap to get up into fourth position. With enough speed this should have been no problem but once again it took me a few laps to get going properly, and by that time my lack of training past the one hour mark began to show.

I had been holding off a hard charging Jason Davis for most of the race, and after tailing Scott Birch for a lap he slowed enough to let me through to a podium position things were looking good, but I began to lose my edge, crashing numerous times over the last few laps. Davis got through and I finished fourth overall, but once again happy to be ahead of the likes of Adrian Smith and others.

Well done to Greg Power for another good event, and especially Paul Whibley for taking the win so soon after his operation. Long live the man and his series!

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