4 December 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Great Sponsors, Sweet Track

ardmore 1Having a great sponsor is hard to beat, just like having a good track in great condition makes your day exponentially better. So what could be better than a Botany Honda coaching day at Ardmore!


There was a dozen riders booked, so we split them into morning and afternoon sessions with a BBQ in between. There were plenty of red bikes present as the adults went out first.

Thanks to some spade work from Nathan we smashed out some great rut riding. Danny especially noticed how much further he was leaning into the rut when he got his inside leg extra high, and while he didn’t really like that yet, it meant that he knew there was more entry speed to be had.


ardmore 2Upskilling

With no excuses we refined some jumping techniques and finished with a tight off-camber section that I knew they could do better. Sit forward and lean back, then push hard on the outside footpeg when powering out of the turn. Not too early though so that you can set up for the next turn!



Tardmore 3he younger riders finally had their go and we got stuck in to some crucial skills. Using their index finger or peace sign fingers on the front brake kept the front wheel under control into the ruts, with that gentle first turn of the throttle keeping that good thing going. There were thumbs down given for motivation to more than one rider but it was worth it with some excellent results.

Finishing with some major tweaks on their starting technique it was time to pack up, but not before finishing off the sausages and Just Juice under the Botany Honda tent.

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