5 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Guided playtime- Wairoa and Awhitu camps

Guided playtime is the best of both worlds. Whether we were overlooking the Auckland airport at Awhitu or way out east for our two day Wairoa camp we were all about learning in some of the funnest places on the planet.

Missing Piece

First up I have to mention how there was pain in many of our hearts at the Awhitu camp, this being our first since losing Nick Adams. It was certainly tough for many, but I think Nick would have been pleased to see the camp booked out weeks in advance with people wanting to do exactly what he liked best.

Setting the Tone

The Wairoa camp was also at maximum numbers, but at both camps I wanted to start everyone together. The idea was to set the tone of care for one another and the fact that we really were there to learn. With those two ideas established, I could then grant them the freedom within those boundaries that could help them soar.

The Goods

When we did separate them into two groups they really had the time and space to improve. Playtime (under the watchful eye of us coaches) was obviously epic fun, whether it was scrubs in the paddocks or racing their new mates around the corners of the MX track. The most obvious improvements were confidence in the air and handling the slippery turns. Jumping for show and cornering for dough.

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