30 September 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Where the Heart Is

It seems we have been playing hard to get in the homeland of Hamilton. While it is Broxy’s birthplace, we have pretty much left the area untouched apart from the yearly Honda Kids Camps, mainly due the high number of local coaches and a lack of MX tracks but when we finally made the leap to book a Saturday at an excellent little coaching track there, we had a day to celebrate.

New With the Old

Assembling at our Horotiu hideaway was the extensive and skillful Broughton family along with keen Korbyn and John Nelson aboard a CR125 that was nearly thirty years old. While he might have needed more breaks than the others it was impressive to see the red machine charge the ruts and eat up the rollers.

Josh and Rhys were back at the scene where we had seen Rhys break out of his shell in a way that he has never turned back from. He practically lives in his gear now and this time around learned how to get his wheels safely off the ground along with sisters Loiuse and Victoria. While we started on the paddock next door it didn’t take long before they too were powering through the soft patches of the track making ruts of their own.

Jumping the Tunnel

Jumping the Tunnel

The Makers

Finally it was time to help the star of the show along with a massive group of others. This was Carter Hanes’ day to shine, getting coaching on the track that he and his father had put so many hours into. It had a bit of everything from ruts around the turns for the more experienced like Chris to a tunnel underneath the tabletop that Matthew and Sam Lochore could hone their skills on. We used every inch, even finishing with some log riding skills having learned the basics of popping a wheelie that could be controlled with the rear brake.

What a discovery this place has been. While we must balance out the benefits of playing the hard to get game, we have found a new haven that we want to make the most of. A huge thanks to the Hanes family for the mammoth effort that went into making this day possible. It was a mammoth day of coaching a load of riders, this is what we are talking about.

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