29 June 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Hard At Work

What do you get when a bunch of computer experts hop on an MX track for the first time? Sound like a joke? Well fortunately for them, it wasn’t!
Our friends Chris and Ryan had so enjoyed the ride we organized for the lads from our Church that they organized a re-match at Pirini’s just a month later, along with a few extra guys from their work this time around. Good thing too. Chris and Ryan hardly had a spill all day, that was a job for the new guys!

IMG_7103Back On The Bike

Having been bitten by my 250R at our last training, Chris spent most of his time aboard the more forgiving 250X. The higher seat height also suited him, especially after the necessary time he spent cramped up on the little 125. It turned out that his confidence didn’t fully return until our big trail ride at the end of the day where he got to stretch the legs of his bike also, commenting that it wasn’t until then that everything I said finally made sense. I was just happy that he reached that point eventually!



Young At HeartIMG_7127

Most entertaining of all was the senior member of our party, who also proved himself to be the most fearless. One of those guys that you just love watching, he pushed the limits wherever he could, even if it meant a few off track excursions. Unfortunately it was one of these trips that saw him land heavily on his head, but even that didn’t stop him. While he rode at a more comfortable pace from then on, the trail ride was a definite achievement for him to accomplish in his state.



IMG_7097New Blood

Representing the Phillipino nation was our first timer on the MX scene, moving from the clutchless 110 to the 125. He learned well, having just the one incident for his day. Like his work mates he gained speed and confidence as the day went on, although he knew when to call it a day after seeing what kind of hills we were going to be tackling on the trail loop.





Old Hand

Finally, it was Ryan who really showed his skills, adding plenty of speed to the mix also. I take my hat off to these guys as the recent rains had made the tracks much more tricky than usual yet they proved more than capable. I hope we get to host them on a perfect day. I can just imagine how much fun they will find the trails then.


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