30 July 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Harrisville Youth

An exploration into the unknown. How do we make a decent half day session out of two hours of riding time, and for thirteen riders? Quite easily it would seem.

How do we do this?

A rare opportunity had arrived for is to use the minis portion of Harrisville’s mini track and with the lovely Donna from Pukekohe MCC rallying the young troops, we were not going to miss it.

This is how we got around the short time slot we were allowed to ride. 

I arrived extra early at 10.30am to beat the rush of keen kids. That might have seemed ridiculously early seeing as we weren’t allowed to ride until 1pm, but we had a plan.

The first half hour was getting geared up, signed on and getting to know everyone which is  something I wish I always had time to do. There was a quick briefing then an order from me- everyone had to grab their Dad to roll their bike down to flatter section of pit paddock, while each rider grabbed a box stand to put their bike on, climb onto the bike with Dads help and pay attention.

Soon we were playing rodeo clowns, feeling the best way to sit and stand centrally on the bike. This was the first time I had done anything like this on such a big scale and it was a hit. Not only did they get a good handle on all the body positions before we even hit the track, I also got to look at the lever set up of each bike and get them using their controls better. The hour flew past and we hardly had time for a quick lunch before it was time to hit the track.

One for the album

And hit it they did, with a vengenance, while I pulled in each rider individually, giving them the one on one they needed most. Next they were split up so I could focus hard on the standing styles of some, while the others rested and kept practicing before we all swapped. Good times but not without incident. Fortunately even a run in with a fence was not enough to stop one rider.

For the second hour we went back to one large group while working on their corners. I always avoid coaching more than eight riders at once so this was a rare occasion, the only reason I felt ok about doing so because each rider already had a good deal of one on one from me that day. They knew what needed work and I was still able to stop them individually for reinforcement or the next step.

At the end of the session it was giveaways time with lots of Broxy goodies for all. Not only that but each rider received a personalised email that night with the main pointer that they needed to work on. From the feedback we received, it sounds like much more than one thing sunk in!

Next up, Mercer on Saturday the 1st of September. We have all morning to use this time so if you are a member of the Pukekohe club then get involved- if you are not a member but live in the area then become one! We don’t get many opportunities for one on one type coaching on tracks like these so make the most of it.

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