30 March 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Hauraki Plain Sailing

Water fight

Water fight

If only every school had an Amanda. MX in NZ would be a very healthy being with a passionate supporter in each town with some organizing skills willing to sacrifice their time and put themselves on the line for the good of the motorcyclists in their realm.┬áThis wasn’t just some fun day off school where you get to play up and get nothing accomplished. When each group arrived it was time for Broxy Coaching!

Back for more

With so many riders it was decided we would do a day each for the novice and more experienced riders. That meant we could split them into two groups of eight riders each day, one to practice water up while the other got hard into the learning. Definitely a formula for success.

Lets begin

Learning to powershift was the novices beginning before getting their basics on corners and jumps. The advanced group got drilled at a higher level including body movement and concrete starts.

Get Down!

Can you handle it

As a new addition to Patetonga, Morleys Mountain played a big part in testing the riders and upping satisfaction levels. Of course some riders are going to have to move up a class now…

and next…

This school is definitely moving forward in it’s offroad contingent and with their very own schools competition coming up we are looking forward to an excellent days racing and Broxy’s first attempt at commentating a race day so look out! Details here…

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  1. Carolyn Purcell,

    Great to see a rural school doing so much towards the interests of students who want to take part in more that just rugby and netball and the usual sporting codes. It’s wonderful to know there are people such as Amanda who give their all to support students. The fun side of school is a big part of how students do well in other side of school life. Good luck to the school for their first competition and to Broxy as the announcer.

  2. Amanda Fitzpatrick Hauraki Plains College,

    Thanks for the great write up Broxy. I have to say if anyone is thinking of starting or has a MX team your coaching would help them sooooo much. It is absolutely awesome to see the kids improve their skills in a matter of hours! The HPC MX team got heaps out of the days and know that they are extremely lucky to have the opportunity of you coaching them. We will be back for more! See you at the HPC Secondary Schools MX Tournament in May! If anyone needs info on our event more than happy for them to contact me at (07) 8677029 ext. 812

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