1 October 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Hauraki Triple

Hauraki Plains College arrived at Broxy’s track with the joint intention of self improvement and exposure for the Breast Cancer Foundation- while having the time of their lives!


There was a choice of two maize paddock tracks for one half of the school kids while the other half had their turn with Broxy down on the main track. It was the perfect scenario for learning that does not happen often, in fact this had never happened before and is unlikely to be repeated, an event they may be telling their future grandkids.

It was not all fun and games though, as you should expect by now. There are always difficult habits to break when you are seriously wanting to become a better rider and while the Broxy track is about the safest venue you could hope for, no one wants to have a goof off in front of their mates.

Breastcancer Awareness

Showers of rain also keep things interesting. With one eye on the riding and the other watching the incoming weather Broxy may have been a comical sight except for the serious nature of keeping these school kids dry and warm with the wheel side pointing downwards, something that was achieved thanks to some quick thinking and the cooperation of those wanting to stay dry and warm. The rain fell but we were safe under shelter with the track soaking up the moisture. Perfect.

Eating lunch was more of a recovery exercise than a reason for coming. The break included a group shot with everyone wearing their pink mohawks, in yet another of the forward thinking moves this school produces.

big Kid Showing off

Finishing up the afternoon with their standing skills session to improve safety and speed off the ground as well as on was accomplished with some very important style tweaks. The improved safety of the jumps was made very obvious with so many little sheep leaping without any issues, some even giving a little kick for emphasis.

The next event for the Hauraki Plains MX team is the Secondary Schools MX coming soon, look out for another big one and you never know who could come out on top.

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  1. Amanda Fitzpatrick - HPC MX Camp Mother!,

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous venue and team! How lucky are these kids…. how lucky are we to have you for the day Broxy. Every one of them came away learning something and that’s what it is all about and of course checking out the photos taken!
    Thanks for another great day of training see you behind the mic in December – great day had by all today, numbers were down at the maize ride but how do you compete with the rugby world cup? Still managed to give $1000 to the Patetonga MX Club – Fantastic!

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