28 November 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Hawkes Bay

I think a lot of kids would be surprised to know how many people are actually watching their progress. The young ones had obviously made some big waves the weekend after our training session at Mere road with the Hawkes Bay Motorcycle club as I was hearing about her improvement from all sorts of angles.

Secret Sauce

It was a big day in unseasonal heat. I drank at least twice the amount of water that I usually would- which still wasn’t enough. Three large coaching sessions on top of eight hours of driving would have normally worn me out, but it was the people and their results that made the day seem almost easy.

Something else that helped was the ripped and watered track. They were getting ready for an open day that weekend, yet were still ok with us raiding their patch. And it didn’t even seem to matter to the riders that they had to take a day off school or work. Perhaps it was just the excuse that they needed.

Whip It

At first they were rewarded with some skills that obviously helped their ability to handle loose dirt. Then the really fun bit came with what I called “Bike control”. The ability to lead the bike where they wanted it to go was so much better than having the bike force them to do anything. I use the quotation marks around the words above because we were really working on whips, which are a real buzz to learn, only calling it “Bike control” to help it seem more legitimate. Because of our progress there were some happy campers after those first two sessions- but the most obvious gains were made with the youngest riders.

Kyzah, Amaedia and Carter somehow clicked with what we were doing. It is not even like I had to crack the whip or show them some mind-blowing technique, they just enjoyed what we were doing and responded with great skill and speed. It sounds like Amaedia made the biggest waves with her newfound confidence power shifting up and down through the gears, something I didn’t even touch on during our session. Whatever it was about our session, she responded, and the whole club was enjoying her success just as much as she was.

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