2 September 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Hawkes Bay Hunters

There must be some kind of magic involved in having the Nationals in your corner of the country. Right now the Hawkes Bay seems to be pumping out promising mini riders like nothing else, if our two days at Taupo this month was anything to go by. With so many good stories to choose from I will just focus on one session that summed it all up.

Time to Shine

In this session we had Seth, who is the current leader of his class in the Taupo Winter Series, joined with Koby who has been struggling to reach his potential on race day. Both have never really had an individual coaching session with a coach as such, so the challenge for Seth lay in convincing him of the need to change a few things, while the challenge for Koby was to turn his willing attitude into speed.

Fortunately I had an hour with Koby before we joined the two together, which was excellent time to lay some groundwork without pressure. With big black clouds being held back as though by a giant hand, the start straight was perfect for showing him technique and building confidence- to the extreme that Seth was quite amazed with the difference he saw in Koby.

Progress Is Infectious

I think this might have helped Seth to try the changes I was suggesting. If technique could help Koby that much then maybe it could help him too. Once again w e went to the start straight to concentrate on a few key things like braking and turning, line choice and throttle control before putting it into action on the track.

After Koby was on his merry way we took Seth onto the main track for some work/fun. That was a whole new kettle of fish and really highlighted his need to avoid the tunnel vision that causes most people to drift wide on these big turns. But he wasn’t done there. There was some epic riding to be had with other riders I was either coaching or had coached the day before, all of whom were also from the Bay.

It was an incredibly satisfying trip with the kind of gains you can’t expect from every session but definitely enjoy when they come. Next we will be seeing many of them at Mere Road for our Mini Nationals training, although I am pretty sure that we will also be seeing them again at Taupo very soon.

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