5 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Conquering New Jumps -New P

We had plenty of fresh blood for our big return to the ‘Naki. This included some riders who had never done the skyline jump at Barrett road, so we just had to help them conquer it. How do we do that? By giving them the bike control that comes from being able to soak a landing or upramp.

Ground Work

Over the years I have put so much focus into getting riders to keep their knees back while standing, but there does need to be some compromise.

We started on what they call the hip jump, but aiming to keep their wheels on the ground. We basically mimicked a BMX rider with their upper chest almost hitting the handlebars as they crested the sharpest point of the upramp and knees coming slightly forward. Then they recovered through the jump, only to do the same for the sharp part of the landing.

New Heights

If they really looked good we added some extra lean at those moments as well- what is essentially a scrub. Without even getting their wheels off the ground we introduced them to just how much control they could have.

I think we ended up getting two riders over that jump for the first time on day one of our training and another two conquering it on the second day, all through giving them a little more control.

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