3 February 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Honda International GP at Woodville turns 50!

The 50th running of this huge annual event had excitement and drama in spades, both the good and the bad. Racing was tight with a heavily groomed track making roost the best defence for those in the lead early on and causing something of a freight train to the finish in the MX2 class.

dsc_1605  Knowing I needed the best of starts I had a great launch off the gates, only to be pulled back in and passed by most of the field. It turned out to be a worn clutch that slipped badly until it had warmed up a bit, something I hadn’t counted on straight after the Supercross series. So while the leaders did their thing I made my way back to the top 10 but struggled to do much better, losing a couple of positions on the second to last lap, a small consolation being to get back past the Supercross series winner on the last lap to finish tenth.

The Blue Wing Honda International was a race of attrition for those with an average start, many dropping out due to the painful roost, giving me 9th against the big bikes.

Three Strikes

dsc_1604  The real drama in the MX2 class came with the second black flag of the weekend as the winner of race one knocked his gate forward one time too many. This gave Darryl King the respite he needed after pulling over with dirt in his eye, only to realize that the race had been red flagged due to the gate jumping incident and he was given another chance, taking the holeshot in the restart and helping him win the overall.

Kayne Lamont and Cam Dillon showed great speed to finish out the podium and we wish the boys all the best for their overseas exploits this year.

I managed a better start in the final race and pulled through in 5th to get 7th overall for the day, definitely disappointed and motivated to get back the speed and starts of times past and hopefully make all the effort that the boys from Botany Honda have been putting in pay off!

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