2 March 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Honda Kids Camp Thrills

On our way home from the first Honda Kids Camp at Kaukapakapa, my daughter Chloe said, “Dad, when is the next Honda Kids Camp? Can I please come with you?” To say that I was pleased would be an understatement. So what was it that had peaked my 7 year olds interest?

Seeing as our middle child was heading to a circus on the Saturday, my wife Sarah suggested I take Chloe with me to the Honda Kids Camp that I was heading to in North Auckland that weekend. This took me by surprise. I had always wanted to take my kids along, but didn’t think that my Sarah would feel ok about that. I calmly said I have to check to see if someone could keep an eye on her while I was coaching. It didn’t take long for me to give the all clear.

On our arrival, Chloe then found the colouring competition and got into it right away. You see, there are prizes for each age group and she wanted one of those soft toys.

I managed to drag her away to help me set up my coaching area, where she got to steer the Honda Ranger while sitting on my lap. Of course that experience is reserved only for my own kids!

Once that was done I showed her how to do the strap on her helmet and start the CRF110 that she could use, then change it into gear. I knew that she could safely ride the bike, but I wasn’t really expecting her to use it as I headed out for seven solid hours of coaching.

Every time I returned to the van there was a new update. “Sarah (Sutherland) showed me around the blue track.” “I fell off, but I got back on again.” “I did eight laps of the green track, dad!”

That last comment was quite impressive. I had shown her around the green track laid out on this new venue, and it was certainly no flat paddock. It was an easy version of the other tracks around the farm where undulations abounded, but still pretty impressive.

After the coaching was finished I had Sarah Sutherland encourage me into doing some wheelies for the crowd, the feature being some wheelies with her on the back. Using one hand to hold on to a strap around my chest, once again she used her other hand to touch the ground when I was at full lift. I seriously wondered if she had fallen off the back, but when I hit the rear brake she popped back on again. It was quite hilarious, and the crowd was plenty appreciative.

Chloe participated in the running race and got a few treats in the lolly scramble, but it was the treasure hunt that really got her excited.

“Look what I won, dad! It’s a Yahoo!” Looking a lot like the annoying big eyed friend of King Julian, it even made a sound when you pushed its tummy. I was actually quite pleased when it stopped working soon after she got it, but she wasn’t done yet. Before we left, she managed to convince the organisers to give some colouring competition prizes early, where she got a small Kiwi soft toy. Talk about spoilt, especially with the cool Honda Kids Camp shirt she got to wear home.

No wonder she was keen on the next one. It was just an all round good experience. My only reservation was that I didn’t have time to check out all the other trails, the red track especially with its trig ride to what is the second highest point in Auckland. This venue is seriously going to be packed next year, the tracks are just that good.

Her comments about doing the next camp came while she was looking through the GoPro footage I had taken during our show, where she was busy pausing the footage to take screen shots of when you could see her on the video. I told her that the next camp was six hours drive away in Masterton, but even that didn’t put her off. I might have a new helper.

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