3 May 2011 / Broxy Camps

Honda Kids Camps 2011

From the beautiful white sands of the Coromandel Penninsula, to the big country of Southland and many places in between, you would find it hard to beat the locations we get to visit each year for the Honda Kids Club Campout.

My job is to serve riding tips and techniques to as many of the riders in each family as want to improve through my coaching sessions. The riders have to WANT to learn. Sure I can try to make them but it takes loads of “tions” for the lesson to stick. By that I mean Determination to process the Information they are receiving, in a way that stubborn bad habits can be overcome for true long term improvement.

Even the untrained eye can pick who the regular BRC students are. Generally they are the ones making the twists, turns and obstacles look easy. This year was one where those riders stood out the most, from the Nathan Rhind’s of Waikaia to Matt Bloxham (great name) up north.

This year I did less demonstrations and time at the camps, something better for family time and bodily safety but definitely not as much fun. We will try to change that for next year if possible! Instead the biggest highlights came from the kids, such as 5 year old

Honda Kids Camps 2011Harry Baldock listing off SEVEN things he had learned from his one hour coaching session when asked by his Dad if he had learned anything. Definitely a shame we didn’t get to explore the new territories of Raincliffs and St Arnaud but that disappointment was far outweighed by the need for compassion of those hit by the Christchurch earthquake, so near to all of us.

These camps have been a great introduction for me into the world of recreational trail riders, an awesome experience and we look forward to many thousands of kids and their parents to come.

For more information visit http://www.hondaridersclub.co.nz/

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