31 December 2011 / Featured Events

HPSS- Second Time Lucky

Hauraki Schools They said they would return, and this time the weather cooperated. The second ever Hauraki Plains Secondary Schools Champs went down without a hitch, at a time where some students were winding down and others had already finished for the year. They also wanted Broxy back as commentator and this time he was by himself in the booth. Fortunately the racing was as hot as the thermometer– especially in those classes that often get overlooked i.e. the intermediates. There were clusters of riders all the way down through the packs, battling for that one position. The last corner was intense with many positions decided by hundredths of a second.

All over the track were parents, supporters and fellow riders out to support their team and enjoy the racing. Some were out there to find lines but in general this was a day to enjoy our sport at its best. Best of all was the WOW Award winner and his accomplices, Lucas Smylie when he was first on the scene of a serious off from competitor and friend, Jacob Kneebone. Not only did he stop to make sure Jacob was ok, but would not leave his side until track officials practically forced him back on his bike. We were stoked to see Jacob back on his bike at Summercross, fit and healthy despite the crash.

Hauraki Plains College did win the day but the big surprise came in the crew all the way from Wairoa with an emphatic second place finish overall. Third was St Johns and not to be overlooked was a team effort from Matamata College that eventually cemented them in fourth place. Last but not least there was no reports of anyone being bored to sleep with Broxy’s commentary, the real test will be whether he will be called back for next years rounds which we hear are already in the pipelines.

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