2 November 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Huge day at Huntly!

Nationals Coaching 2Talking with Tony Ashdown from the Huntly Motorcycle Club we went out on a limb and advertised a very cheap open day of coaching in preparation for the up coming Mini Nationals. The numbers filled up quickly right to our hoped limit so now the real problem was how do you give 50 quick kids their best chance at doing well come nationals time with just one day to do it? It was definitely going to break a few rules and take some lateral thinking.

The Plan

Nationals Coaching 3 Four different stations with a different focus at each one where the riders could really dial in to each section. They could come and go for rests and fuel stops except for the coaching station where that hour was dedicated to the riding techniques. We had no idea whether it would be a success or complete failure but here goes!

So here’s how it panned out. With a helper on each station keeping their eye on things and giving the odd pointer as they saw fit from the instructions Broxy had given them the parents could get right in to helping their young ones. The parents loved the fact that the kids were stuck to only a short section to really focus on their skill and speed.


Nationals Coaching 18 The coaching was a ramped up version of the 1 hour sessions at the Honda Kids Campouts. Broxy wanted every new customer to know that at a normal coaching session the numbers are far less for more one on one- this was no normal session but by the feedback we got it was definitely worthwhile, even helping a number of parents clear up some grey areas.

The 50’s particularly improved as the day went on, they seemed to pick up on what was being taught them really well and putting it in to practice. All the riders had the endurance of an Energizer Bunny even in the hot weather and kept themselves in one piece with no real incidents the whole day.

At the end there was a free time where we tried to get the whole track in use. Unfortunately it was carnage with the wet parts of the track but most riders were pretty had it by then from the big day of riding. So things wound down and we called it a day well done.

It really couldn’t have been more successful and a huge thanks to the Huntly Club and those parents that helped out, we can’t wait to see how our riders get on!

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