31 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching, Featured Events, specials

Introducing package discounts

Here at Broxy Rider Coaching we take feedback seriously, positive or negative in the hope of using it to improve the coaching we are able to offer riders of all off road interests. After coming up with a few plans we took it to a panel or riders and parents who have been a fantastic support to us and the sport. After reviewing the feedback, we have decided to implement a few new options.

So What’s New?

You may notice a few extras on our coaching page https://www.broxy.co.nz/coaching including:

Boot Camp

  • Three days living, training and riding with Broxy
  • Three one hour coaching sessions
  • Maximum of two riders per camp
  • Video analysis available
  • $700, includes all above plus accommodation, food, travel, track fees and GST
  • Dates available here

Anything Else?


Specifically targeted to those who regularly want coaching at a discounted yearly* rate.

4 x Coaching sessions over a year at discounted rate of $700, thats a saving of $100

10 x Coaching sessions over a year at discounted rate of $1500, thats a saving of $500

* Yearly does not refer to the calendar year, but the start and finish dates from the first coaching session.

But Wait There’s More

Watch this space. With more expertise coming on board soon we are hoping to roll out even more offers and coaching initiatives to you soon.

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