4 April 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Incredible Invercargill

Often the popularity of our coaching is all about the timing. This month we fluked it with a ridiculously busy time in Invercargill- thanks to a bunch of events happening over the next couple of months. We will only have time to write about the highlights.

Pocket Rocket

One rider that really stood out to me was Peter Hopper, purely because of his drive to succeed. This was proven by the fact that he funds the majority of his motocross effort all by himself- including his coaching. That meant I had a very focused student, so we got stuck right in.

The peak came when he was standing deep into a fast sweeper. If you’ve ever been to the Invercargill track you will know how soft it can be, making it extra impressive to see him charging into the sand like a mad Dutchman- a mad man with great technique that made it happen every time. His key was bending at the waist to keep him low to the bike and taking the weight off his inside foot peg when he needed to lean more. He then went on to finish 8th at the Southland Champs, hopefully enough to fire him up for more to come.

Mini Madness

There were so many other dedicated students that deserve an honourable mention. The mini riders on Saturday morning were a seriously impressive group. They wanted to work on corner speed so we hammered it hard. I was stoked with how the session progressed in a very structured way, moving them step-by-step to the point of consistently brilliant corner speed.

Double Trouble

Joshua and Luke joined us for two days of coaching, basically getting a bootcamps worth of coaching with even better recovery time in between, not having to put on the social act that a camp brings. They came back fresh for day two and ready to progress. Hard braking was one of the features, followed by the kind of whoop riding that saw them keep their rear wheel on the ground- even through holes around turns.

It was an incredible trip with great people, including awesome families such as the Buchanan’s and the Worker brothers. I love Southland.

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