6 October 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Interschools Prep Camp

How much would your school team benefit from two days of training before an Interschools event? The St Andrews College motocross team flew me down to Christchurch to find out.

Our classroom was a recently groomed Waimakariri reserve track, with professor Broxy leading the lectures. Lessons were based on everything from turns to starts, with some trials skills just for fun. Not that too many motocross students would need extra incentive to join two days like this.


The man who made it possible was Tim Russ of STR Motorcycles. He has given loads of his time and experience to these teenagers through the school MX team and wanted to increase his ability to help them improve during their weekly rides. Not only does he help with the technique, he is a very handy
mechanic and carries a huge number of spares to any event they do. These guys and girls are very lucky to have him.


img_4469He joined in for the first days worth of coaching, then chose to take only his notepad for day two to make sure that he didn’t miss anything, and partly to give his body a break.





img_4580Don’t Stop

We did a lot of riding, including some focused sprint sessions that really got them going. Beating their best time became quite the game. Most impressive was how they didn’t lose the technique we had been working on, instead using their new style to step up to new levels in their speed and safety.

The plan is to pop in again next year for more of the same, keeping in mind that any school team that happens to catch this article is also more than welcome to do the same. Why let the others gain all the advantages?

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