30 April 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Journey to New Plymouth

The school holidays are always busy for us here at BRC, which usually means I am away for much of it which is ever more noticeable, the older my girls get so this time around we mixed things up a bit.

Ready to Rip

Ready to Rip

Having dropped my Academy boys off at Hamilton Airport I then got the Rockstar treatment. Instead of the 12 hours down and back that it would have taken to drive to the Masterton Honda Kids Camp, I flew to Wellington, got picked up from the airport and taken to the Bartosh Backflips Moto Van. It got me to the camp site and became my home away from home over night and that next day.

The coaching was definitely my most challenging set of one hour sessions this year. While the first pair of sessions were a great success with a really fun track and plenty of learning happening, the next two were not so smooth as I struggled to help the riders understand how to open up a flat turn by entering wide. The constant drizzle and therefore slippery conditions didn’t help but I have since realized my mistake, so look out for a different- and much more enjoyable approach should I need to try that one again.

From there I drove back to Wellington, was dropped at the airport and flew home in time to catch the last five minutes of the movie we had some friends over to watch, which was a little later than planned but I felt fresh as ever and ready for the next few days with my family which I would have otherwise been on the road for – precious time. So when Tuesday night came to continue my coaching journeys I was ready.

Getting Close

Getting Close

Wanganui was next on the list and the next day saw Jaxon and Hunter having their Broxy session at the freshly groomed Manuka Park. So far as private tracks go here in New Zealand, this one is as close as you will get to an American style venue with its flowing berms, inside lines and probably the best set of rollers in the country. Unfortunately it was also a little wet under foot which neither bike liked, keeping me busy cleaning out carburettors until both the KLX110 and CR85 were finally running right. The delay didn’t slow the boys down much though, as shown by our timing session at the end.

This is where we started the group of three 250cc machines. We ran them into the ground to begin with, racing the clock full speed in what has to be the closest thing to racing conditions without ever lining up at a gate.

Letting It Go

Letting It Go

It is just too bad that none of them were going to be racing the Junior Nationals that following weekend…

The second hour was much more fun, spent mainly on whip practice. Being able to handle a cross rut or side wind while jumping is a fairly important skill to have, even if it is Enduro you were to race that weekend like Seth. That went down very well and I was able to have a blast of my own before heading off to the house of Greg Hurley for the night.

The plan was to coach his son Cullen in the morning but just as we were getting started, the rain came down. Not that it stopped the hard charger, he kept going until literally ready to drop as we worked on consistently quick times without brake slides. So, he then got to watch as I did the work of attempting a hill climb which I had just seen YouTube footage of, aboard Greg’s bike. I made it up nearly half of the time, certainly struggling the other times though!

From there I followed them out to Barrett Road, which is another story…

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