5 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Kill Your Coasting- A trick to help you brake later

I stumbled across this little gem lately, having one of those lightbulb moments that could help fix a glaring gap in the riding style of many modern riders.

The fact is that most people are poor at braking. If you don’t think this is you, first ask yourself how long it takes to go from full throttle to hard braking- that is if you are confident enough to turn the throttle all the way to the stop in the first place.

This tip does two things- It helps a rider to cut down on coasting time and helps them keep a good body position.

What I got our Bootcamp riders to do was move their feet forward on the footpegs before they backed off the power. This way they were more ready to use the rear brake and gear lever without delay, along with keeping a stronger standing position.

Most people brake with a rounded lower back, causing their arms to be almost straight and their knees to come forward. By simply moving their feet forward before they needed it, my bootcampers both cut down on their coasting time and kept their knees in the seat and arms bent while braking.

Now the hard thing now is to keep doing it. For you, it might be another reason why you too should do a bootcamp with us.

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