3 January 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Kings in Tauranga

In one of those twists you have to expect in a job like this, our full day booked for the King Country had to be canned due to the rain, while we had not been hit hard at all.

So, while many of those riders had to take a rain check, those that were still keen headed over the hill to our track in Tauranga where we had the Jefferies boys and Aaron Baker shredding it up nicely.

CRF80 Fun

Learning the Fast Way

Two days later we were back in our home town, this time with a pair of brothers very fresh to the bike scene, Dominic and Charlie. Despite needing my help both for starting and stopping aboard the CRF80 the Connelly family had supplied for us, Dominic’s reaction to the whole thing was “I love that bike!”, surprising us as he showed very little fear at some extreme revs.

The Treddinick boys also came to us that day, in preperation for Summercross seeing as we were not able to use the Awakaponga track, with Josh getting 13th at the big event a few weeks later.

New Machines

After all that we were lent a digger to tidy the track up with, then, thanks to the help of Trevor King and Simon Hanes we have been able to tidy things up nicely for future use. It meant I could spend extra time with young Carter Hanes which has apparently helped him realize how much it does help to practice, so look out Woodville.

And as it turned out, I was still able to head over to the Waikato to the Pederson family farm which turned out to be a real winner. Starting off with the longest rut might not have been the best way to modify their riding styles, but the track was good and even the pine trees held plenty of fun times. First of all we need to have another try at that King Country track we hear so much about, when not playing at my home base in Tauranga.

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