2 November 2010 / Broxy Racing

Labour “intensive” weekends racing!

Thanks to Kerry Clements for the pics

In the words of commentator extraordinaire Neil Ritchie Taupo’s MX Extravaganza is “without a doubt one of the three big races on the NZ racing calendar” and didn’t disappoint this year with great weather and some incredible racing. The best example was Ben Townley and Cody Coopers battle royale of race number two.

Cody had the edge off the start as usual with the early lead and putting in solid laps with Ben soon close on his tail before making his first move midway through the race that saw neither of them back off until Ben had blown through a small tire wall where he made a great save.

Jaw dropping action

On the very last lap through the same section he made the same move and was inches from pulling it off this time with millimetres seperating their handlebars as they fought to scrape through in front but Cody held it on just enough to win the race while Ben tried one last ditch effort on the last corner where he used a bank as his berm before finally conceding a reluctant defeat.

That is the kind of racing and desire that every rider should aspire to, great to see and it left every spectators jaw on the ground.


Broxy should spend half his time coaching and practicing starts as he does the rest of the track because this weekend showed once again the importance of being out front. With a brand new Botany Honda CRF250R racing bike with new graphics kit, Pirelli tires and Pro Circuit pipe to match the shiny 2011 Alpinestars riding gear Broxy certainly looked the part but his riding was less polished, definitely with a hint of rustiness.

Not a bad start saw him in fifth early on where he stayed for most of the race. By the sounds of it almost all the riders had Popeye arms for most of the race so it was a case of just hold on till the end. Broxy finally passed John Phillips for fourth then fended off a determined charge from three other riders who wanted that real estate.

Down but not out, yet

The second race started even better in second place until a Taupo bred Brad Groombridge got through along with Luke Burkhart, winner of race one. Unfortunately the race ended early for Broxy with a small drop halfway through the first lap pulling his little finger sideways to right angles and popping something in his hand. Meanwhile Blue Wing Honda teammate Cam Dillon battled for the lead and Daryll King did enough to take the overall win.

Just for fun

Just for fun

Left frustrated at his effort Broxy chose to ride the feature race which went well apart from getting smoked halfway down the starting straight by an over zealous rider trying to clear himself some room. Not wanting to be a quitter he charged on for a respectable finish but the overall was definitely a disappointment after winning the 250 class at last years Extravaganza.

Auckland Racers

Manukau MX

That night the clan made the journey up to Auckland in an attempt to race for some prize money at Manukau the next day.

The track turned out to be very cool and would have been loads of fun had the pain in his hand not been too much. Despite trying to ride twice it just wasn’t happening especially after sacrificing his uprightness in the first corner from an unplanned accident this time.


Luke Burkhart had a great duel with Shaun Fogarty to eventually take a win that seemed to be determined by who won the first lap. A good fun event, just too bad Peter couldn’t get in to the money to afford a flight down to his flight in Wellington!

Our biggest thanks has to go to Botany Honda for their huge effort in getting the bike ready for the weekend. The next race will be the Super X in North Harbour stadium of Auckland, bring your lungs!

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