5 March 2018 / Broxy Camps

Ladies Only Adventure Camp

No pressure, no smelly boys. Well except for Broxy of course. Some of the best features were not actually intentional, but will definitely be taken on board as enticements for something similar in the future. This is what an adventure training session just for the girls is like.

It began with two hours of free time which the girls used to chat and go for a short ride. Why? I was stuck waiting for AA. What seemed like a total disaster actually turned out to be a nice way for the girls to get comfortable.

That was a pace that actually continued for the entirety of the camp. Island time pervaded, running shorter and quite relaxed sessions for both days with good rest breaks to recuperate. This was partly for my sake, being under a solid case of “man-flu”, but the ladies found it perfect for their energy levels as well.

The Highlight

A typical barbeque meal with some salad was well taken before the nights sleep, followed by bacon and eggs in the morning for energy, but food was not the highlight. That honor went came at the end of day two.

After practice riding grass, hills, bogs and gravel, it was our trial ride followed by an introduction into MX that really got them going. Beautiful farm tracks normally enjoyed by horse riders put their new skills to the test, leading us to the MX track where we got to watch some young guns show us how its done. The surprising part was how the girls responded to an invitation to try the track out for themselves. They were plenty keen, and were absolutely buzzing after a lap filled with squeals and laughter.

Not only did they build skills and confidence, it was a chance to build contacts that could clue them up for future rides. Not the goal I had initially planned on, but something even better instead.

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