16 August 2018 / Broxy Camps, Broxy Coaching

Ladies Bootcamp- Mothers and daughters

The sheer number of mother and daughter combo’s at our recent ladies day was impressive. Petrol runs strongly in the veins of even the most refined individuals. On that spot surrounded by torn grass and ripped clay we decided to run a camp specifically for the girls, and while we didn’t get the numbers we expected, those that did come were impressive.

Environmental Learning

There is much to be gained from wet conditions to start a camp. If there is no better way to highlight a riders need for good technique, then we were blessed indeed with plenty of rain the night before and through the first day. Fortunately we had the perfect rainy-day venue at Pirinis, and “happened” to time our sessions in between the rain showers perfectly. A lovely dry spell for day two was their reward.

As expected, a good nights rest (almost 12 hours of sleep for one jet lagged customer!) made all the difference. Not only were they now able to put the skills they hadn’t struggled with on day one into practice, but the things that had seemed like a brick wall were suddenly working. What exactly? Well lets look at some examples.

  • Kate backed up her excellent ability to brake hard in a straight line with new confidence at standing low to the bike through boggy sections
  • Emily suddenly got confident at allowing her head to move up past the handlebars up inclines like hills and jumps
  • Tracey got good at ruts, keeping her pointing finger on the front brake and her chin from dropping
  • Jessie started flying into berms at a speed that seemed ridiculous, only to make it work by getting her wheels high into the first part of the corner

Fuelling Family Fun

They were a tired but happy bunch that left for home, better prepared than ever to spend more time together satisfying their shared enjoyment of all things offroad.

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