30 May 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Ladies Camp- Tight Turns

Emily had made a massive improvement after her first ladies Bootcamp but she still wanted to improve her cornering. Her mum and Tracey joined her again, who, along with their friend Rachel, also wanted to get better at turns- especially those tight ones.

Secret Squirrel

First they needed confidence on the front brake. It took me a while to realize that Kate was secretly pulling the wool over my eyes with this one! While she was good at having her index finger on the front brake deep into every turn, her speed would increase down a hill because she was relying on the trusty engine braking of her aptly called “Tractor.”

After I pulled her up on it she eventually told me the back story to her fear of front brake, and while I completely understand, I was glad we pushed her to use more and more front brake as the descent increased.

Time Management

When it came to the corner itself I encouraged Tracey to sit before she needed to turn hard. Emily also needed some help with this, but fortunately they were both sitting in the sweet spot directly above the footpegs and not leaning forward while turning.

More than one rider really struggled with wanting to lean forward, made even worse thanks to a straight inside leg. The answer was clear, push hard on the outside footpeg instead. Why we all don’t simply do this on autopilot is a mystery. All I know is that it really works wonders in preventing the front or rear wheel from doing its own thing.


Finally, it was using the sweet spot of the clutch that got them safely through the worst of it without stalling. They were very good at this one and justifiably happy with themselves for repeatedly getting the tight turns.

Not only did Emily get better at them as well, these skills also went a long way towards helping her achieve the corner speed that she knows will help her keep beating her main rivals.

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