3 June 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Ladies of AKL

You have to give the girls credit for being organized. Almost two months before the Dirt Diva day we had 6 ladies booked for a day of coaching up Auckland and even after many of them did the Diva day you can probably guess how many turned up. Buffy and Tyla, Tracey, Rachael and Liz arrived with Shannon as promised despite threatening of wetness at our picturesque venue on one of Bombay’s many hills.

A case of need to do

Conditions were definitely slippery but the ladies persisted with brief glimpses of sunshine keeping the hope burning. Girls who were experiencing the coaching for the first time quickly made improvements all round however it was the more experienced ladies that took the most work.

For a change of scene I spun a massive log around, huffing and puffing until the girls kindly offered to help (there was one partner there but he was out of action!). They discovered that if a log is smaller than the axle of their front wheel it shouldn’t take much at all for them to simply power over it if approached carefully enough.

Star Pupil

The slippery log proved no match for these ladies despite their initial reservations so a perfect next step was organized. Unbelievably it was Tyla, the youngest rider on the smallest bike who tackled the challenge first after I had given her permission thanks to her good powering skills. Shannon was next and then Liz until one of the impacts broke the big log in two! Tough girls in this lot.

Finally it was jumping they wanted to finish with and with time already run out I just couldn’t help but keep going. One of the coolest things is to help someone do their first jumps using good standing technique and with the ground finally getting drier we went until it was officially mission accomplished.

Of course Shannon received her session for free thanks to our latest deal, we hope she found it worthwhile and more people follow her good lead!


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