16 May 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Ladies Only- Stealing the Show

The momentum towards doing a proper ladies only session has been building for ages. This, combined with substantial encouragement from people like Sarah Sutherland saw a large group of girls descend on Moto X Central.

Skye Edwards, a.k.a. “That Wendy girl off Wilde Ride”, helped reinforce the relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere that I wanted to achieve. She wasn’t afraid to get stuck in when someone needed straightening up, drawing from her strong background of racing and the coaching sessions I have had with her family over the years.

Rather than give a run down on the day I will let an example of the feedback we got tell the story.

Letter From Liz

“Hi Peter and team. Just wanted to get in touch and thank you for a great day out at the ladies training session at Moto Central. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I learn’t a lot, met some new friends, and got to plenty of practice time on the track to try out the new techniques. The track seamed to provide the perfect loop to put it all in place.   I found I tried all the new techniques out with great success and it helped previous skills I learnt at trainings fall in place even more so.


Bonus that each event so far has been at a new track as I then feel confident to return on my own another time. So looking forward to August session and the Tauranga track. Regards, Liz Bays”

Next Level

Our next event like this is a two day ladies only camp at Pirinis planned for August 3rd and 4th, the details for which can be found on our website. It will give us time to lock in the skills we learned without wearing the girls out too much, with Skye planning to be there again as helper. Check out the details on our website.

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