30 May 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Leaps and Bounds in the Wairarapa

I clicked third gear on the CRF70 and took off down the hill, quickly realizing what a bad idea that had been! It was the result of multitudes of excited calls from the dozen young riders there at the session that saw me on the little bike but that was no excuse for my immature actions, especially seeing as there had been no pressure to huck from one tabletop to the next that lay 30 metres further down the track while demonstrating how to stand- too much fun to resist.

Up the hill I had gone, bouncing from one side of the track to the other in order to keep my wheels at a good angle to the ground and find traction in the process. Chopping down to first gear early on kept the revs high enough to get me up the hill, but I have no idea why I decided third was a good idea to descend this slippery hill in.

In the end it all worked out fine with a little adrenaline high to enjoy, exactly what the other six or seven young riders enjoyed after making their own successful attempts at the same hill. This was the last session of what had been a big day.

Training the Broxy way

Rain was doing its damage as I arrived in plenty of time for the first one on two session the friday before our fun on the hill. Fortunately it was only a brief visitor and the bottom track of Bryce and Kylie’s was well able to handle it with good drainage and river shale to help the traction. Mark and Patrick soon arrived to start our fun on the bikes which didn’t finish until darkness settled in.

After a highly enjoyable stay on a farm in a place quaintly called Alfredton I was back to the Barons track for a second one on two session. This time Michael and Andrew met us; one keen to get into motocross and the other just wanting to add extra speed to his off-road experience. My focus was on technique as is often the case, getting that right so they could then gain the speed in their own time however I may have stopped a little bit short as we found out down an even bigger down hill than what I hit on the 70 later that day with feet sticking out and front brake on full. With that rain had come extreme greasiness that made it very tough for some riders to slow down enough in, with the 90 degree right hand berm at the bottom not enough to stop one of us from ending up in the fence. By this time the riders for the large group session were rolling in hot and heavy, leaving me finishing the session with Michael and Andrew possibly just a bit early, which I hope to more than make up for them next time.

The rest of the afternoon was split into sessions to house the twelve young riders and five parents that were an extension of the Honda Kids Camps and Tussock Buster groups we have loved getting to know and they were a hoot as you can guess. That is of course after the law had been laid down to make sure everyone knew they were there to WORK. Only two riders required push ups and even those were more precautionary than anything. The adults didn’t get it any easier and proved it with some impressive corner speed and ability to handle corners.

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