5 March 2018 / Broxy Camps, Featured Events

Lock It In- Lochinver Station Honda Kids Camp

It would not be exaggerating to say that thousands of riders have been treated with the Honda Kids Camp series over the years, with hundreds more already having enjoyed the Rotoiti and Kaukapakapa camps in 2018. I have never seen my daughter do so much riding; mainly thanks to the good people and great tracks. But the grand finale for 2018 is yet to come, set to go down on Easter weekend. And it could be your only chance.

Just half an hour from Taupo, Lochinver Station is set in the sub-alpine territory of the central north island, sprawling either side of State Highway 5. 40,000 acres of it, like a district of its own. What really gets me excited are the rolling hills leading towards one of my favourite places to go bush- the Kaimanawas. Now be sure that there is no hunting to be had on this camp. In fact, all access for hunters was banned a few years ago. But it is both the mystique of the area and the choice of riding on offer that makes this such an exciting prospect.

It takes 15 minutes across the farm to complete the driveway from highway to the modern woolshed where camp will be held, anticipation growing all the way. The mornings will no doubt be getting crisp by then, but it is still officially March at that stage, my absolute favorite time of the year and there is no place I would rather be. Especially with my wife and kids joining us for the first time!

As always there will be plenty of fun activities to keep the kids busy while parents can sit around, apart from the compulsory running races and tug of war that get the parent’s the blood pumping. Coaching will be held on the Friday which is something I really enjoy, but the absolute highlight for me is the grand tour that the farm manager is planning to give everyone on Saturday.

If you are even half way inclined to check it out then best to be safe and just go for it because this is a one off event that may never be repeated. Whether it continues or not depends on how this one goes, but knowing Greg and the team there will be no problems from that side. Get online to http://poweradventures.co.nz/page.asp?id=328 and check it out today!

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