1 December 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Looking after the Big Guns

Incredible supporters and all round good guys, the Evans family of Botany Honda deserved their complimentary coaching as much as anyone. We met at Richard Abbott’s farm and they brought some friends along to join in.

High side

Gary has long been a motorcycle nut, annoying the motorcycle dealers in Howick by visiting every Saturday he could and just hanging around for the love of it. That is his version anyway, being a friendly guy I would say they really enjoyed the company but sadly, one by one the dealers either went under or simply moved on. For years there were no motorcycle dealers in the area at all so when Danny came to start a Honda shop in Botany, Gary decided he would support him in whatever way he could. 

As a reward for all his help, Danny paid for Gary’s coaching while redeeming his own free session, something we are doing for Honda dealers this year. His partner Sally was the other freebie who joined with Dylan on his wee CRF100. While Dylan made some progress Sally literally found her wings, gaining so much more confidence in her technique that airtime suddenly became no problem any more.

Randal McKenzie was the other rider in Danny’s group, opting for an extra session of one on one as he also got the Red Bull touch through standing extra close to the bike and squeezing the life out of his seat, something that also helped the others.

Then, while the Evans boys had a head start on how to enter corners sitting forward on the seat and leaning back, not everything went their way. Nathan needed some hard effort at not straightening his inside leg in turns while Danny had to learn to not stand upright and stiffen
up in the air.

That finished a job well done, with our next Auckland session is booked for December 14-15, one day in south Auckland and the next at Woodhill

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