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Love for the latest Leatt Helmet

Let me start this with a disclaimer- I don’t know that I have had any really big hits in one of these new helmets yet in order to really test it out. What I have done is ridden countless hours with one on my head and can honestly give it a pretty big thumbs up.

Brain safety is my biggest priority these days, which is why I spent the money to buy both of my last 6D helmets with their excellent cushioning abilities. I still decided to use one of them for the Battle of the Clubs. But on the most part they sit on the shelf collecting dust because I am only using one of my new Leatt helmets. Let me tell you a little as to why that is.

Safety First

Leatt have attacked the concept of rotational impact protection with a little thing called 360 Turbine technology. I would dismiss it as a gimmick except I know that Leatt are big on their testing, and if nothing else it gives me more peace of mind about having such a light feeling helmet.

The funny thing is that these helmets are not actually all that light. They are certainly heavier than some. But where they excel is in their size- or lack thereof. What puts me off with the 6D helmet is how hard it is on my neck due to the extra leverage of its size. I can handle that for short spurts, but it can get rather painful on a longer ride, and I tend to believe Leatt when they say that the smaller size can also help in the event of a crash. I also like that it doesn’t have any protrusions for your head to catch up on. It rounds nicely the whole way around, including near the back of your neck should you be wearing a neck brace.

Give and Take

Something else to seriously consider is the materials it is made of. First up, a glancing blow against something hard doesn’t have to leave your brain ringing like a tamborine. That is determined by the outer material, and the GPX 5.5 is soft enough to allow some give. Next is the foam, which is obviously designed to help in both smaller and larger impacts. Then there is the plastic around the mouth area, which had fallen apart on me with the first edition of these helmets but has proven very robust in this newer edition. The helmet peak has also been improved, although you still can’t make it sit very low and the plastic screws tend to strip their threads if you aren’t careful.

Last but not least is the comfort. I have found them an odd shape for what is normally my helmet size, but by simply going up one size my whole head was happy, to the point where I am happy to wear this helmet for many hours every day, whether riding or not. It actually makes quite a good shelter from the sun, although of course that is the least safety reason for wearing it.

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