28 November 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Lucky Farm Kids

Incredible early morning views from “The top of the world” were a nice bonus, but what really makes Blue Duck Station special are the genuine people that reside down that road.

Eight of the local kids joined me for a day of coaching and play riding- thanks to a deal we made with Blue Wing Honda. It really was an awesome thing for these farm kids. They got to feel very special, even cooler than I felt when a policeman visited our village school when I was young.

Easy Does It

Not wanting excitement to get the better of them, our start was official coaching style. Front brake and throttle control, how to sit and stand. Moving on to the holding paddock I quickly marked out a basic L shaped loop and led them around. Even that wasn’t without incident, but they must have happily done 100 laps before we were ready for the real adventure.

Puggy farm tracks led us to an awesome upper level that they raced around for ages, looking like a bunch of red, white and blue bees. Despite showing no signs of slowing down, I then led them to the top of another ridge that gave them a nice view of the Station- but that didn’t keep them long so it was time for an extreme enduro loop. It was hard enough that one rider commented that he never wanted to do anything like that ever again, but he must have been pleased enough to have then made his own way out that nothing could stop him after that.

Great Finish

The café put on a feed of toasties along with undoubtedly the best Quiche I have ever had. It was a good chance to yarn, plus we showed them some videos and gave out DRD magazines to take home. But despite their big day of riding they were itching for another burst on the holding paddock. We obliged, and they rode like little rockets. There was one last thing I wanted to show them, though.

Most wanted to learn wheelies yet were too scared to try. That wasn’t going to fly. So I got out a stick for them to brake before and power over. Then a helpful mother suggested a bigger obstacle that pushed them a little harder until I got out the big guns. A massive old strainer post did the job nicely, with Luan showing the way nicely. It took a while for the others to follow, but eventually a bunch of them were looking like the next Enduro elite. Awesome work and a great way to finish what had been an epic day.

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