1 November 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Manawatu Madness



Have you ever ridden in wind so strong that it literally pushes you off the track? At the Flips track near Taikorea it might not have done that to us this time but certainly meant that Kieran Bryant and I had our wheels firmly earth bound when we met up for some Moto time.

Can’t Win

Less than 30 minutes east of there at the Stewarts property where I was to be coaching that afternoon the wind was absent, replaced by light showers of rain. It seemed I just couldn’t win! Fortunately the wetness didn’t stop our keen crew from making the most of having their coach on board.

Full Concentration

Full Concentration

Rider of the day went to the youngest Gullery lad, both for his attention and improvement. He went from less than an hour of riding in his life to a style of both standing and sitting that a pro would be happy with. He was too young to join us on our ride to the top of the range that back on to their property this time, but I would think we have another starter in the near future.

Fresh Blood

Rev It Out

Rev It Out

The next day was just as action packed with another newbie, for us at least. Trent was extremely capable right from the start, hardly slowing his CRF50 at all despite a wet Manuka Park. I wasn’t sure how hyped he was on the whole thing until he came back later in the day to buy a T-Shirt off us where his cool demeanor finally cracked and a little excitement showed through.

I had time to watch some Monster Energy Cup racing with Darren Patene as the track dried out, which was all the motivation and time needed for an excellent pair of motos. This place really is the closest thing we have to a Millsapps track, one which Seth and Zac also made the most of next.

On The Up

This was the first time I had seen Zac on his new TM85. A very cool bike that he obviously enjoys. Seth had a great session in all respects, including clearing two of the three jumps that had been bugging him. Unfortunately one of them also took him down but with a little more practice at handling those hard landings we think he will be fine for next time.

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