18 August 2010 / Broxy Coaching, Broxy Racing

Marlborough mudbugs

Down in the sunshine capital Broxy arrived at the Bigg’s house with a new tag along, young Josh Bartosh to help out and get some serious training done. There is never a dull moment around this little renegade so keep an eye out for the video to be posted soon, couch jumping injuries included!

Riding loose

The track dried the more we coached Mitch, enabling his skills to shine and adding a little aggression to his smooth style. He had just received his latest toy, a Risk Racing Holeshot gate which we then linked to Broxy’s one for some excellent head to head action. Having the two gates dropping at exactly the same time was very cool and must have made some difference by watching his starts that weekend.

Ethan was next for some one on one. Something we worked on must have helped as he went from sliding around a lot to hooking up on the slippery off cambers to winning his class at the big weekends racing the following weekend.

It’s racing time!

The Peter Brown Memorial, possibly the memorial race with the longest history was supported strongly by Croads Honda as main sponsor which was great top see. Condition there were a bit more trying, a massive downpour on friday loading up springs that would bubble from the hill side all weekend long and while the ground underneath was firm there was a slippery mess on top making life difficult for all.

Attacking the mud!

Attacking the mud!

Justin McDonald was the best rider to shine, winning the MX1 and Feature Race honours with some very skillful riding aboard his CRF450R while in the 250 class Broxy had his work cut out with Craig Smith. While Craig didn’t get it all his own way with Broxy holding him off in race one on Sunday it was the 17 year old who showed the best form for the overall win.

Another rider to make life difficult was Nathan Clare of Nelson who first wouldn’t get off Broxy’s tail then passed him in the first race and pulled away, almost making the mud look easy. There were bikes getting stuck everywhere the whole time and no one was immune which meant you could never give up even to the final boggy straight- which happened to be where Broxy went down twice in the feature race much to the crowds entertainment! Check out the Marlborough website for the picture on their homepage showing the result of that.

The other classes were great to watch with plenty of BRC riders doing well such as Hamish and Shaun in the 15-16year 250 class taking top honours, well done guys.

Looking ahead at the training

The best of the best

Getting the best conditions of the three days we hit the same track on Monday with two groups of keen riders where they could receive some of the best from what Broxy had gleaned over the weekend. This time it was the older boys picking up the skills the quickest while the younger group took more convincing until they could finally experience the easy way. Even Andrew who finished 5th in the feature race found some ingredients he needed for that next level.

The Marlborough club deserves all the credit that could be given them with a well run event in trying conditions and we all appreciate being able to use the track the next day very much. Daniel Wooley and family went above and beyond, even lending bikes to keep us going, Josh getting to ride the same bike he had owned a couple of years earlier once more. Finally a huge thankyou to the team at Morleys Honda of Richmond for their help in getting our bikes ready to race, too much guys.

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