30 October 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Massive Bootcamp

Camps are totally the way to go, and many people seem to be realizing that. Our school holidays Bootcamp was packed, and yet it still proved to be one of our best yet.

Winning Formula

Three days with two coaches is a good combination, but the real gold was having ten riders of a similar level. Everyone also had a similar mindset, keen to learn and improve their speed. Our track was ripped and ready also, the recent rains drying out just enough.
We started the camp with a warm up and then some timed laps to get something of a gauge on their improvement. It set the tone, focusing the riders. They seemed extra keen to learn, so we were happy to oblige.

Controlled Mischief

This was certainly not a quiet camp during our break times either. Two or three of them could have been inclined towards mischief, so it was push ups to the rescue. We ended up with an awesome balance that kept everyone very well entertained.
Everyone had a buddy or two to push them along in every section and lap time. Visual learning becomes easy because there is so much to see in other riders, both good and bad. Progression kept coming right through to the end of day two, and it was the play time at the end that eventually caught me out.


We were testing our Enduro skills on all sorts of skidder tyres and banks, with one in particular making the other two riders nervous. Jordan was worried that his bike would fall off to one side, so I stood at the top of this bank to just make sure his bike didn’t fall the wrong way. It turns out he didn’t need me, but the other rider went ahead and gave it a go also. He launched his bike, and I should have just stayed away, because the handlebar snapped forward and smashed the bridge of my nose. Fortunately I was free to catch a ride back to the cabin and ice it because we were finished for the day.
Day three was all about late braking and standing through turns, finished with intensity and laptimes. The rivalries were peaking, and times just kept coming down. By the end we had a number of riders under the two minute mark and everybody was much improved. Large numbers in a bootcamp worked really well.

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