1 December 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Maungi Madness

An hour north of Auckland, Maungaturoto is a small town with a big track. Clinging to its existence between the local high school and town itself we were pleasantly surprised with a day packed full of riders, all keen to sharpen their skills on the clay after a long winter of sand riding.


After shooing the justifiably nosy school kids back to school we got started with Ana Searle and three newbies on the mini track. It is always fun to upskill young riders enough to then overcome an obstacle they had been scared of, such as the sharp downhill then up again on the main track which they soon had mastered thanks to their new lever control and standing skills while Ana started using her front brake and throttle to much greater effect.

The second group were full of the attitude saying “Impress Us”. Of course the main effort has to come from the rider when I have done my part in showing them a better way of cornering and jumping, something that will come down to their own persistence in changing habits for something better- as difficult as that may be so here’s hoping! At least one of the riders did just that except on four wheels, finishing well up the field at the NZ Quad Nationals the very next day and apparently loving their honed skills, thanks Wiki for letting us know.

60th Birthday Present

Old and New

Hiding down the far end of the track as to not interrupt the schools prize giving we had the two faithful Honda riders of Andrew and Robbie along with the 1979 Honda of Graeme who we met at the New Plymouth coaching sessions.

Enthusiastic as ever we focused on their jumping skills and starts but it wasn’t until after the session that I was shocked with a stunning revelation- this was Graeme’s 60th birthday, and he reckoned this was the perfect way to spend it. Blown away, I felt both humbled and stoked to have been a part of that for such a neat guy.
But the trip didn’t end there, staying at the grand Hay residence for more coaching the next morning with Callum followed by Ryan Webley just prior to his mini nationals adventure.
Winding through the trees this playground had a bit of everything with ruts, bumps, jumps and berms. Some rain slicked things up for a short time but it didn’t bother the two boys much with the highlights of Ryan nailing a fast sweeper and Callum overcoming a double that had been playing in his head.
This all finished with time to clean up then head to a practice day at the Harrisville track which was to be the venue of both Auckland Champs and a round of next years NZ MX Champs, a chance of practice too good to pass up.
It turns out we will be hitting both Maungi and the Hays place again in the near future so keep an eye out and those fingers on the keyboard.

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