1 August 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Mercer Mercy

Turn Here

Turn Here

Saturday the 6th of June started at a private MX track over looking Lake Karapiro. A riding demonstration and guest speakers appearance for a Church mens group on a picturesque day, I felt privileged to share a few things about what God has done in my life. Not the normal start to a days coaching; especially when it was meant to start nearly two hours further north at 12pm!

All Sorts

Obviously I arrived late so there was little time for small chat before getting started towards our track for the day on a private farm near Mercer. Not that we ever get all that business like mind you, especially with a four person crew like this. It was made up of KLX300 Kyle, Natasha the womens cross country champ, KTM400EXC Evan, and Sam the farmers son.  The common bond of motorcycling would have been the only thing that these four had in common but that was not likely to slow us down.



This venue has a small taste of most things that the recreational/trail/ enduro and cross country rider needs, with a small loop to practice on once we were done. Which also boded well into our ladies session that afternoon.

Cornering was probably the biggest improvement all around, the grassy turns making sure that everything from throttle control to body position was spot on. Exaggerating the standing style also helped, but there were a few hiccups during our ladies session.


It turns out the hill I chose to send them down was a little unforgiving. While the ladies all made it down a few times perfectly, there were also a few spills as random things like unintentional bursts of power or locked front brakes caused havoc. Absolutely to their credit it didn’t seem to phase them much and they were very accepting of my apologies.

As a bonus, Natasha won the ladies class at the Tarawera 100 that following weekend. While we could never claim the glory it helped me feel a bit better, and perhaps might go some way towards justifying the grass her Husaberg 125 tore up that afternoon. Bertling family, we thank you.



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