30 July 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Mid-Winter Triangle

Little Sis Chasing Hard

Picture a line starting from Tauranga that heads to the East Coast. Then one heading the opposite direction to Hamilton, then one straight  down to Taumaranui. Add perfect weather the entire time with plenty of keen customers and you have Broxy’s travels these last school holidays. Not only that but we coached a few places along those lines, starting with what could be called the hub of Motocross in the North Island, Taupo.

Sessions went from minis to juniors and back, changing tracks and sections to suit. Some of the riders booked in for two days worth of coaching, including a fast improving Cole Dalley who was able to work on both his 65 and 85cc skills. The highlight was seeing him get over a fear for the big track by clearing the step up- a real boost for him that over powered a whole stack of good things coming from the coaching there.

Girls Can Whip

Our first real stint in Taumaranui was next. King Country Honda were right in on the act, which originated through the Davey family of young Cody who was featured in DRD recently and his father Reg, a fellow compatriot of mine from the 2001 Blue Wing Honda Team who also managed to win himself a pair of World Vet titles in the Amateur division around that time.

This was at a track literally on the doorstep of the small country town pleasantly named Aria. A plan to split the riders into two groups was scrapped when I saw that we could improve their skills more effectively together, beginning with standing skills that would prove to make a big difference.

There was one hairy moment though as our friend Cody gave his 450 a handful too much. He did crash eventually, the most drawn out high speed fall I have ever seen. Fortunately the slow motion aspect saw his bike straighten up twice while he couldn’t reach the handlebars which was long enough to give him a smooth slide while the bike carried on down to the swamp. He was back riding a minute later!

Early Vistas

A week later I was making my way to Keegan Taylors track near Wairoa. Conditions were again ideal and we made the most of a days coaching and riding with both challenging jumps and a fast section that you just couldn’t help but love. Very fresh on the 125, Marcus Gault enjoyed a real good strop on my CRF150rb as a short interum, what would be the ideal bike for his property at home of steep hilled countryside.

That night was a big drive down to Waipukurau for our three sessions on another stunning Saturday. The Ashtons are a highly motivated family with a love for the sport with one son David still a committed rider, his older brother James a World GP Factory team mechanic and two tracks on their family farm.

Josh and Brendon were first up aboard their singing 125’s, followed by Liam and Lochie before the Mason family finished the day with the surprise coming with the youngest rider of the day displaying some serious skills and guts.

Inside Lines

From our base back home it was off in the opposite direction for our first session ever in Hamilton. I had heard that the old Whatawhata track had shut down and that a new one had started many years ago so this was well over due.

Aboard a racey little Husky, Carter Hanes exploded in confidence after some bike and clutch control work. Having been his only coach I am stoked to see his improvement in a short time and the way he is open to the lessons being taught is very promising, backed up by a great result that following weekend down in the Manawatu despite some misfortune near the end of our session.

A pair of fathers and sons finished things off nicely where I was able to help their jumping and rut work. With some it was confidence building, others a total restructure. Whatever the case there were definite results with calls for even more advanced skills for next time. I say bring it on!


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