30 October 2012 / Broxy Racing

Mini Nationals at Moonshine

The rider in front was smooth and consistent, doing just enough to keep his younger and more aggressive competitor behind.

Checking out the competition

Brodie would look like he had nudged his way into the lead with a last minute braking move but Hayden somehow kept his head despite the heat. I was running from one part of the track to the other with the fervor of a crazed Hyena- and for the first time I caught a glimpse as to what makes a mini parent act so strange.

Torn Fifty Ways

In this case I wasn’t worried as to who won, I was just loving the battle between two of my most talented prodigies. Hayden won the battle with Brodie taking the Championship in a class so full of riders I have coached, that it was just exciting to be a part of it.

In the younger 65 class two more of my most faithful riders swapped wins early in the weekend, Nathan holding out for an excellent win before Ryan went on to take the rest of the races along with the overall while Luca, our friend from Nelson got second in every other race for second overall with Nathan third.

Bright Future

My job was to encourage and console where necessary, when not simply enjoying the fruits of the hours I have spent on the road over the last few years. To be honest I was a little jealous of the excellent conditions and fun track which the Kapi Mana MCC put together, which was blessed with perfect weather for the entire weekend.

The talent in NZ motocross

These are just a few of the results, all of which can be found at http://www.mxminis.co.nz/results2012.pdf and while I would love to talk about each and every one of them the internet would practically run out of space first. You know who you are and I can’t wait to catch with you all next time we meet on the track. In the meantime my congrats to many, condolences to some and looking towards a bright future for all.

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