11 July 2012 / Broxy Coaching, featured, Featured Events

Mini Nationals Coaching at the Nationals track!

24th – 25th August 2012
BRC has the opportunity to coach at Moonshine in preparation for this years Mini Nationals.
Coaching will be on the senior track as the mini’s track is not available for coaching. 
If you haven’t already booked in, places are limited.
$110 for one day, $200 for two days. (please specify which day/s you are booking for).
Three groups per day
Track: Kapi Mana mini’s track, Bulls Run Road, Upper Hutt
Include the following details in your email-
Riders name:
Type of Bike:
Contact Number:
Class they will be racing in:
With thanks to the Kapi Mana Motorcycle Club
Bookings close 10th August.

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